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Innovative Mudroom Design

Ah, the mudroom! More and more homes are opting for this entryway where people can take off their footwear, rain gear, and anything else that might track in dirt and grime into the main living areas.

The thing about mudrooms, however, is that they needn't be, well, muddy and dirty. You can bring order and even your own design aesthetic to this area so that it seamlessly blends in with the rest of your home.

Below is an example of a mudroom we designed and built. There used to be a bathroom in that location, which we relocated to a more convenient area closer to the main living space. This particular mudroom is open to the play room and is the family's main access to the house through the garage. The owner wanted to have an open, easily accessible space for dropping coats, boots, backpacks etc. that would not be visible from the main living space.

And that's the thing you need to remember when it comes to design/build: no matter what the room is, be it a garage, an addition, a kitchen, and, yes--even a mudroom--it's important to focus on how you and your family will be using the space and what your goals are with the room...both from a function perspective, but also an aesthetic perspective as well.

mudroom design

We love how the owner has really taken advantage of the space, but has also added her own personal design touches through the use of wicker baskets, which helps to give the area a relaxed, yet organized feel.

Do you have a mudroom? Have you thought of converting an existing space, like a bathroom, into something completely different? If you're in Rhode Island, we'd love to talk!

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