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Home Maintenance Tips: Do These 3 Things this Fall

So it looks like the calendar wants us to face the facts: we need to let go of summer and embrace the fall ahead. (Sigh.)


Even though we'll miss the longer days of sunshine, the milder temps, and the laid back schedules, autumn has its good points, right? Like apple picking, crisp days, cool nights, checklist for fall cleanupHalloween, and cozy fires. (OK, now we're getting excited.)


Of course, this doesn't mean transitioning from one season to another is easy. It does require a little work, especially when it comes to our homes.  


Now, we know what you're probably thinking: don't give me more work to do! We hear you and feel your pain. So let's make it simple, OK? When it comes to your home, if you only do three things this fall, make 'em these three...


1. Schedule a home energy audit. Energy audits are one of those things that often end up on the long "to-do" list--the one that gets shoved under the bills, the kids' homework, and all the other clutter that occupies our lives. Make this the year you finally schedule one!


See, making our homes more energy efficient not only helps the environment, but also our wallets. According to, "You can save 5%-30% on your energy bill by making upgrades following a home energy assessment."


During an energy audit, the auditor walks through your home and assesses certain things like insulation, ducts, and the furnace. They conduct blower door tests to measure air tightness, and they might use thermography to test for air leakage.


As for cost, many utility companies offer free or low-cost audits, so it's worth checking with your provider.


2. Know who to call if the unthinkable happens to your home. Hurricane season is with us until November 30. And we all know what New England winters can be like. The risk of weather-related damage to our homes is quite real. And when disaster hits, it can truly upend our lives.


Now is the time to practice a bit of "preventive medicine" by reviewing your homeowners policy (when's the last time you've done that?) AND understanding how insurance restoration services work. Yes, this is something we specialize in, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.


3. Dream a little. You didn't really think we were going to make this ALL work and no play, did you? Autumn is a great time to start exploring a big renovation project you're thinking you'd like to kick off next spring. One of the best things to do is create an account on Houzz (if you haven't already) and start compiling "ideabooks" for your project or projects.


So, for example, if you're thinking of a kitchen, master bath, and master bedroom renovation, you'd create an ideabook for each space and start gathering pictures you like--pictures of designs and layouts, products, colors, the whole shebang. This is a lot of fun and a bit addictive, so consider yourself warned!


Ideabooks are great to share with design/build firms like ours (hint, hint) so that we can get a good feel about what you like and don't like.


By the way, Hebert Design/Build is on Houzz. Be sure to follow us and check out all of our projects.

See? That wasn't so bad, was it? Three straightforward things to do this fall. Now, get crackin'!


And, of course, if you're thinking of doing any renovations sooner rather than later, please contact us at any time. We love referrals as well, so remember us when you're talking to friends and family.


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