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Sheds, Shades & Spring: Home Renovation Tips

Funny how the shortest month of the year can feel extra long, thanks to Mother Nature getting playful. 

In honor of February, we have three short, yet interesting articles for you to check out--all of which are sure to inspire as you spruce up your home (or backyard) or embark on a full-blown renovation.
1. Who says sheds need to be boring? Or that they're just for lawn mowers and potting soil? Your shed can serve as an extension of your home and provide multi-purpose uses. From home offices for mom and fun hangouts for the relaxing bars for the adults, there's a lot you can do with backyard sheds. The only limit is your imagination. For some great ideas, check out these backyard pub sheds
2. Color trends for 2017. Sure, Pantone might have named Greenery as the color of 2017, but Pantone isn't the only game in town. Paint powerhouses, like Sherwin-Williams, have had their say as well, and their 2017 hues are definitely a bit more subtle (but no less beautiful). Think dusty-mauves and tempting taupes. Read more.
3. It's never too early to think about spring cleaning. Ready to organize your space for spring...and beyond? This article from Houzz on how to get rid of decluttering roadblocks once and for all offers some excellent advice.  
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Speaking of Cool Outdoor Spaces...

If this were your grilling porch, you'd be able to comfortably cook outside in February, despite what that silly groundhog predicted. 
Here's an inside shot. Learn more about this renovation (including the room the door below opens into) here.
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