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Sunny Home Renovations

Mother Nature has been fickle this month. First, it was cold and rainy. Then, it felt like mid-August. And while we can't accurately predict how much sun we'll have for the long weekend ahead, we can find ways to allow more natural sunlight into our homes, provided we design and renovate our spaces right.
Let There Be Light!
When it comes to creating a space that allows in plenty of natural light, don't underestimate the role that ceilings play
Whether you opt for skylights or even an all-glass ceiling, like the one pictured in the conservatory we designed and built below, the right ceiling (as well as any fixtures) can have a big effect on a room's overall feel.
It's not just ceilings, of course. Consider how you want to use windows and doors as well. The sunroom we designed below makes great use of stained glass. There's still lots of light, but you'll note a much different effect from the glass ceiling showcased above.
Of course, windows all around can also be an amazing option that provides plenty of light and gorgeous 360-degree views. Imagine eating in this dining room we built!
Even if you're in a space that calls for added privacy, like the bathroom, you can still choose a window style that allows in enough natural light while maintaining your privacy. 
Raise your hand if you want to take a long soak in the tub below. (Read more about this renovation here.)
When we work with clients, we help guide them through these sorts of design decisions. Remember, it all comes down to how you want to use the space and the feel/vibe you want to create.
Planning any renovations this summer or fall? Contact us and let's chat.
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