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Renovating Historic Homes: 2 Challenges

While we often talk about new home construction at Hebert Design/Build, that doesn't mean we won't work on older homes, including those with "historic" designations.
Often, these homes have been in the same family for generations, so it's a great honor to work on them. But they do have unique challenges, two of which we're bringing up here. If you're thinking about buying a historic home, or if you know someone who owns one and is thinking of renovating in 2018, be sure to share this with them.
Challenge #1: Plan for longer lead times.
If you have a historic home, you could easily add another three to six months to your planning time.
Because if you're doing an addition or a major exterior renovation, you have to go through the local commission and get approval. And sometimes it can get even more complicated than that.
For example, on a project we did last year, we had to go through the local commission. Then, we had to go through the   state  commission, because there were flood issues. In fact, the rules had changed enough that the local building inspectors didn't know what to do. They had to inquire about interpretation of the rules. It was quite a process to get what we wanted, and, of course, it added time to the schedule.
Challenge #2: Beware of wiring.
The other thing you need to keep in mind regarding older homes is wiring. Any time you're doing projects in a historic home, you're probably going to run into some old wiring. You want to expose and eliminate as much of the old wiring as possible. Most people don't realize it's there, and in some cases, it can be very dangerous.
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Home Renovations: Why Planning Matters

It's the end of October, and everyone is in planning mode: Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving feasts, December holidays, winter vacations, 2018 business budgets.
Since everyone's in that planning mindset, we thought it would make sense to explain why it's just as critical to spend extra time planning your home renovations.
See, most people think they plan adequately, but we're here to challenge that notion. For all the planning you think you're doing, you should plan on (ha!) doing even more...and this article gets into why.
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Home Renovations: Timing Is Everything

When it comes to home renovations, people are understandably eager to see their vision come to life. The key is not letting that eagerness get in the way of proper planning.
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Sunny Home Renovations

Mother Nature has been fickle this month.  First, it was cold and rainy. Then, it felt like mid-August. And while we can't accurately predict how much sun we'll have for the long weekend ahead, we  can  find ways to allow more natural sunlight into our homes,  provided  we design and renovate our spaces right.
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Home Renovation Budgets: Reality vs. Fantasy

A builder of apartment homes can come up with consistent costs from one project to the next, and here's why: the costs are the same from apartment to apartment. Sure, it will cost more to construct a two-bedroom than it will to build a studio, but the costs across all the two-bedrooms will be the same, the costs across all the studios will be the same, etc. 
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Sheds, Shades & Spring: Home Renovation Tips

Funny how the shortest month of the year can feel extra long, thanks to Mother Nature getting playful. 
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Home Renovation Tips: Understanding Solar Energy

At Hebert Design/Build, we're proud to be green builders, and we love working with people who think green. 

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3 Questions to Ask Rhode Island Contractors

May is just about over, and June is up on deck, which means it's time to say hello to BBQs, beach days, summer vacation, and, yes, home and yard improvement.

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Home Renovation Link Roundup: Good Reads for Spring

Do you think it's safe to put away the snow shovels? Let's hope so (and let's hope we didn't just jinx everything!). It's been a looong winter, but that only means the spring and summer will be that much sweeter, right?

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Hebert Design/Build & Houzz

We're thrilled to announce that Hebert Design/Build has been awarded "Best of Houzz 2015" in the design category. More than 25 million monthly unique users from the Houzz community weighed in and selected us from the 500,000+ active home building, remodeling, and design industry professionals.

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