Qualified Insurance Restoration Contractors When You Need Them Most

Fire, flood, a tree through the roof…it's not fun talking about these sorts of catastrophic events, but it's important to know what you should do next when something devastating happens to your home.

How Our Insurance Restoration Services Work – Knowledge is Power

At Hebert Design/Build, we provide insurance restoration services throughout Rhode Island. These services are exactly as they sound: the goal is to restore your home to the state it was in before disaster struck.

Here's how it works.

  1. Download and print our certificate and keep it with your homeowners policy. Just click here to access the PDF in a new tab.
  2. Contact us ASAP regarding damage to your home that's covered by insurance. Don't hesitate! This is important because it might be necessary to stabilize your home in order to prevent it from experienciening further damage. Call 401-792-4890 or fill out the form on the right (or do both—we know it's a stressful time!).
  3. We'll visit the home immediately, assess the damage, and determine if your property needs emergency repairs. This may consist of moving contents, drying out flooded areas to prevent mold, or boarding up windows to keep the home secure until we can complete permanent repairs.
  4. We'll have you sign a clear one-page contract authorizing Hebert Design/Build to negotiate with your insurance company and complete the repairs.
  5. We then deal directly with your insurance company to negotiate a fair price for restoring your home.

It's important to note that there is no cost to you beyond your deductible for our insurance restoration services unless you decide to upgrade or remodel the damaged area to a higher level than what existed at the time of the damage.

We understand that you probably have never experienced an insurance loss before (and we hope you never do). But if something does happen, you can turn to us. We've been through the process many times, so we know the ins and outs. We have special estimating software that insurance companies prefer as well. We're mindful of your needs and communicate with you every step of the way because we know how stressful an insurance loss can be for you and your family.

Keep in mind that not all design/build firms or general contractors offer these services. You shouldn't assume the remodeling company that built your master bathroom ten years ago will be able to help you. They might, but they might not. You certainly don't want to be their guinea pig if it's their first time navigating their way through the maze known as the insurance claim process.

Instead, use a firm that's been down the road many times before and delivers the highest quality results. That firm would be us. We hope you never need to use these services, but if you suffer an insurance loss, call us ASAP.

To that end, don't forget to download and print out our certificate. There's no form to fill out—just click here and a PDF will open in a new tab. Keep it with your homeowners insurance policy so that in the event something happens, you have the paperwork all in one place and you can contact us immediately.