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Home Renovation Tips: Understanding Solar Energy

At Hebert Design/Build, we're proud to be green builders, and we love working with people who think green. 

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New Home Renovation Tips: When Should You Move In?

Congrats! You just bought a new home, one you're excited to renovate and make your own. Here's a question: when should you move in? Should you renovate first…or wait?

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3 Hot Trends in Home Renovation for 2016

We hope your 2016 is off to a great start and that you got through the storm just fine. (Of course, if your home ever suffers any damage, be sure to keep our insurance restoration services in mind.)
To kick off the new year, we're sharing three hot trends in home renovation. Let's get to it...
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The Best of 2015 from Hebert Design/Build

Before we ring in 2016, it's important to reflect on the last 12 months. To that end, we've created our "best of 2015" list least, in regards to what's been viewed the most on our website.

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Working with Design/Build & Construction Companies in RI

Recently, a prospective client asked us so me good questions about building custom homes in Rhode Island.  As th e saying goes, if one person has these questions, it's probable many other people do as well. We believe educated consumers make better consumers. To that end, check out the following Q&A.
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Another Day, Another Gorgeous Bathroom Renovation

The owners wanted to update their dark, cramped master bath, which had a very small shower and a large whirlpool tub they rarely used. In addition, they wanted a large shower, more storage, more light, and a more open feel.

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Gorgeous Bathroom Remodeling RI: Part 2

In our other gorgeous bathroom remodeling RI post, we talked about this home in Providence that was built in the early 1900s.

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Gorgeous Bathroom Remodeling RI: Part 1

This dramatic bathroom transformation started with the remnants of what was a classic 1900s style bathroom. Besides the fact that the bathroom hadn’t been updated since the original construction, the claw foot tub and fully enclosed narrow shower made the bathroom feel dark and cramped.

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7 Things All Rhode Island Home Builders Wish You Knew

Building a custom home is a unique kind of construction. Designing and building a home that will be used by a small number of people is not like building a shopping center or an office building to meet the needs of large groups of people.

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Home Office Ideas & Home Office Renovation Pics

It's hard to believe we're halfway through the summer. Before you know it, the lazy, hazy days will be over and everyone will be heading back to work, school, and regular schedules.

Of course, that's assuming there's such a thing as a "regular schedule" anymore. Considering the 24/7, hyper-connected world in which we live, the days of 9 to 5 are long over. More and more people work nights and weekends, on the go and from least part of the time.

This is why having an at-home work space that's conducive to actual work is so important. Below you'll find some tips for creating that space along with a recent home office renovation we worked on.

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